Karen Hollingsworth Visits Gallery Street

We were lucky to blog about Neil Hollingsworth last week. So today the topic is about his lovely wife, Karen…

Karen Hollingsworth is known for her unique light, airy “windowscapes”. In the past the artist painted interior spaces, now she includes an open window that acts as a portal into the space beyond. Her large oil paintings often depict subject matter that is fairly minimal, chairs and ordinary interior settings, however what attracts many viewers is the mysticism evoked by the movement of the air and the ocean breeze through the curtains.

Today Karen visited Gallery Street to sign and number three fantastic Masterpiece Giclée™ Prints that are being shipped off to two lucky buyers. We’re honored to be the ones who get to reproduce her work as her style and talent invokes nothing but peace and tranquility in our facility. Her paintings are recognizable instantly and raise question as to how it’s possible to depict such flowing movement in a painting. Her talent is amazing and her personality is a perfect match. To us, she’s not a client, she’s a true friend and member of the Gallery Street family. Thanks Karen for what you do.

You can visit Karen’s site at http://web.mac.com/hollingsworthjames/karenart/kIndex.html

or visit her blog here: http://karenhollingsworth.blogspot.com/

Enjoy these photos of Karen signing her prints and certificates. There are some lucky recipients out there about to receive these spectacular prints. And we had the honor of producing them…

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