Gallery Street is Proud to be Associated with Rebecca Rebouché

I have a million thoughts in my head about this artist that I’d like to get across to anyone reading this, but then I realized…. words can’t come close to describing the natural talent of Rebecca Rebouché. I just visited her site and read her blog and am just overwhelmed by her talent. She’s not just an artist, but instead, she is art herself.

It’s no wonder….  Just see for yourself….

Rebecca Rebouche and her Gray Bunny

Take a moment to appreciate all of  Rebecca’s talent. We are honored to print for her.

Rebecca Rebouché

Rebecca Rebouché - Cover of Garden & Gun Magazine

Look at Rebecca with all of her grace on the cover of Garden & Gun Magazine!

So be sure to check out all there is to know about Rebecca Rebouché and her artwork. She is a true talent and we are proud to be associated with her. We’ve seen her grow over the years and, while we’re surprised to see all of her success, it’s really no surprise at all.

Check out her website and her artwork. She also has an Etsy store that has so much to offer.

So the next time you set out to beautify your life, maybe buy a gift for someone, or simply just need something nice to look at… think about adding a little bit of Rebecca Rebouché to your life. You simply can’t go wrong.

Watch this video and see her live and in action. She has teamed up with Anthropologie to bring her stunning works to the world. Here is a great video you should take the time to watch.

 Click Here if you can not view the video above.

More from Rebecca Rebouché


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Marcus Ryan – Photographer “A Very Good Year”

We are very proud to introduce to you all a good friend of ours, Marcus Ryan – a photographer/artists of a new breed. Like a fine wine, Marcus has matured and ripened into a truly successful artist.

Marcus Ryan

Marcus Ryan

Starting off with composing his shots very carefully, Marcus hones in on the perfect frame of photography to create a base for what will become a hand painted masterpiece.

"White Pears" by Marcus Ryan

"White Pears" by Marcus Ryan

We get excited here at Gallery Street when we see certain clients of ours flourish. And it’s obvious Marcus has taken the art scene by storm. Moving from show to show, state to state, he is like a rock star on tour. Every few days we continue to fulfill his orders trying to keep up with the high demand for his work. It’s obvious the public agrees with his style and professionalism. Check out these images from before and after a mad rush of fans at one of his recent shows.

Marcus' booth at the beginning of a show


Marcus' booth at the end of a show

Aside from Marcus’ talent as an artist. He is truly an excellent guy. He’s always happy, a great conversationalist and exudes charisma and charm. When you combine all of this into one package, it’s sort of no surprise that it equals success. Marcus makes it look easy!

So congratulations to you Marcus from everyone at Gallery Street. We’re happy to share your success story with our subscribers. You’re a great friend and we’re happy to know you! Keep up  the good work. We’re lucky to be a part of it!

A featured guest at Wine Cellars

Visit Marcus Ryans website to see all about what he’s up to…

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What’s a Quiggle?!

quiggle |ˈqwi-gəl|

Joel Quiggle is an artist from the Erie, PA area who is crankin’ out some really amazing artwork. When you see a Quiggle, you know it’s a Quiggle. Find him on FaceBook here

Check out this solo show Joel had recently at the Urraro Gallery. Congrats Joel, not everyone gets to have solo shows! Well deserved, my friend!

We are happy to have know Joel now for a few years. He has sent some of his works to us for giclee reproduction and let me tell you, I love printing his work. It’s fun, it’s funky, it’s vibrant, and it looks amazing.

Check out these recent pics from his show… Enjoy…

Joel Quiggle Solo Show 1Joel Quiggle  Solo Show 2

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Halloween Special! – ENDS TONIGHT!

Hurry, this deal ends tonight. Save big!

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Independence Day!

Happy 4th of July to all! This year is now half way complete, can you believe it. Let’s make the second half of 2011 great! I hope to bring many new features and articles to this Blog. Look for contests, surveys and pure artistic fun.

Let’s start simple…. First person to reply correctly to this post will win a small prize….

In what year did Congress declared 4th of July a federal legal holiday???

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Home Grown Talent!

Congrats to local favorite Bryan White of Whitelake Studio & Artful Spaces for his success at Parsons Gallery in Cumming, GA. Bryan’s works are featured in his own shows at Parsons displaying amazing talent combining original works of photography with masterful artistic skills in painting and mixed media. These works have been produced on museum-grade archival canvases and feature images of local Cumming, GA locations like Holtzclaw Pasture, Sawnee Mountain and simple pleasures like warm glowing Georgia-grown sunflowers.

We’re very proud of our good friend Bryan. We’ve known him for a very long time and to see him create these stunning visual pleasures from beginning to end is just amazing. He has really developed his own style that is immediately recognizable. It’s not often one find’s an individual so versed in so many areas of creativity.

And if being an artist is not enough, Bryan is also a husband, father, business owner, and all-around great guy. CONGRATS BRYAN!

Check our some of Bryan’s works available at Parson’s Gallery • 527 Lakeland Plaza • Cumming, GA

And Read Bryan’s Bio here

Bryan White - Parsons Gallery

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Karen Hollingsworth Visits Gallery Street

We were lucky to blog about Neil Hollingsworth last week. So today the topic is about his lovely wife, Karen…

Karen Hollingsworth is known for her unique light, airy “windowscapes”. In the past the artist painted interior spaces, now she includes an open window that acts as a portal into the space beyond. Her large oil paintings often depict subject matter that is fairly minimal, chairs and ordinary interior settings, however what attracts many viewers is the mysticism evoked by the movement of the air and the ocean breeze through the curtains.

Today Karen visited Gallery Street to sign and number three fantastic Masterpiece Giclée™ Prints that are being shipped off to two lucky buyers. We’re honored to be the ones who get to reproduce her work as her style and talent invokes nothing but peace and tranquility in our facility. Her paintings are recognizable instantly and raise question as to how it’s possible to depict such flowing movement in a painting. Her talent is amazing and her personality is a perfect match. To us, she’s not a client, she’s a true friend and member of the Gallery Street family. Thanks Karen for what you do.

You can visit Karen’s site at

or visit her blog here:

Enjoy these photos of Karen signing her prints and certificates. There are some lucky recipients out there about to receive these spectacular prints. And we had the honor of producing them…

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The Secret Coupon Code

Congrats, you have found your way to the Gallery Street Blog. Make sure you bookmark this page so you can check back for more specials and savings! We will be updating this page regularly with images, artwork, photos, videos and more.

Today’s special is 25% off of all Elegance Giclee Prints. Elegance is a beautiful 100% cotton-rag watercolor paper. It has a slight textured surface producing beautiful archival prints that will last a lifetime. If you’ve ordered it before, you know what we mean. If you’ve never tried it before, now is the time.

We’ve never run a sale on Elegance before, so act now. This special deal is good through Sunday February 20th.

Here is the code you came looking for…

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On our walls at Gallery Street

We are so happy to have a beautiful 16×20 canvas giclee of Neil’s masterpiece. He even signed it for us. Thanks Neil!

“Return for Deposit” by Neil Hollingsworth.

Return for Deposit - by Neil Hollingsworth

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Who wants to talk art?

I would like to say hello to everyone for the first time on the Gallery Street Blog. I’d love to keep in touch with everyone who might be interested in what’s going on in our world of fine art reproduction. I’m going to show you some really nice images to look at and share some of the amazing visual art we get to see every day.

You might see photos, you might see videos, you might see us every now and then. We’ll try to keep it interesting.

You ready?

I am.


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