What’s a Quiggle?!

quiggle |ˈqwi-gəl|

Joel Quiggle is an artist from the Erie, PA area who is crankin’ out some really amazing artwork. When you see a Quiggle, you know it’s a Quiggle. Find him on FaceBook here


Check out this solo show Joel had recently at the Urraro Gallery. Congrats Joel, not everyone gets to have solo shows! Well deserved, my friend!

We are happy to have know Joel now for a few years. He has sent some of his works to us for giclee reproduction and let me tell you, I love printing his work. It’s fun, it’s funky, it’s vibrant, and it looks amazing.

Check out these recent pics from his show… Enjoy…

Joel Quiggle Solo Show 1Joel Quiggle  Solo Show 2

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