Marcus Ryan – Photographer “A Very Good Year”

We are very proud to introduce to you all a good friend of ours, Marcus Ryan – a photographer/artists of a new breed. Like a fine wine, Marcus has matured and ripened into a truly successful artist.

Marcus Ryan

Marcus Ryan

Starting off with composing his shots very carefully, Marcus hones in on the perfect frame of photography to create a base for what will become a hand painted masterpiece.

"White Pears" by Marcus Ryan

"White Pears" by Marcus Ryan

We get excited here at Gallery Street when we see certain clients of ours flourish. And it’s obvious Marcus has taken the art scene by storm. Moving from show to show, state to state, he is like a rock star on tour. Every few days we continue to fulfill his orders trying to keep up with the high demand for his work. It’s obvious the public agrees with his style and professionalism. Check out these images from before and after a mad rush of fans at one of his recent shows.

Marcus' booth at the beginning of a show


Marcus' booth at the end of a show

Aside from Marcus’ talent as an artist. He is truly an excellent guy. He’s always happy, a great conversationalist and exudes charisma and charm. When you combine all of this into one package, it’s sort of no surprise that it equals success. Marcus makes it look easy!

So congratulations to you Marcus from everyone at Gallery Street. We’re happy to share your success story with our subscribers. You’re a great friend and we’re happy to know you! Keep up  the good work. We’re lucky to be a part of it!

A featured guest at Wine Cellars

Visit Marcus Ryans website to see all about what he’s up to…

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